Sub-contracting arrangements with craft customization: Accommodating your needs, we could arrange our craftspersons to fabricate the designs provided by you. You could also train our craftspersons with and without disabilities on production to suit your requirements and expected quality. Extending collaborations will benefit the most vulnerable groups who are undergoing economic hardships due to disability status; mental health conditions; unemployment; lack of education, etc.

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Establish resource linkages for youth and persons with disabilities: VOICE has a resource pool of experts on technical and designing aspects as well as suppliers of material, accessories, and training. To improve the quality the products we have establish this service for youth and persons with disabilities. We welcome resource persons, institutions, and material suppliers in the handicraft sector to join our efforts.

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Organising village tours and internships: Exclusively for overseas students from design field or similar subject areas, designers/technical trainers interested in volunteering, and philanthropists, we organise tours and internship placements in our operational areas to visit OPD- and/or youth-led craft-based ventures, experience the village life and share your ideas and knowledge for further improving their creative crafts. Individuals and groups are welcome.

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